Do you want to know which foods are best for you to be eating?

With so much information about food and supplements in the media, how do you know what is really right for you? The same foods are not beneficial for everyone. You are unique and so are your nutritional needs. Schedule a Nutrition & Iridology session with Samadhi to clarify exactly which foods will help you regain and maintain your health and vitality.

The level of health and wellness of your entire body can be observed through your eyes. Iridology is a way of analyzing the colored part of your eyes (called the iris.) Your irises connect to every aspect of your body through your brain and nervous system. Each iris is made of over 20,000 nerve endings and reveals which traits you have inherited from your family.

Iridology Benefits

The real benefit of having an iridology interpretation is to understand your unique traits and take action with positive lifestyle habits and proper nutrition.  Eating the right foods and having a healthy lifestyle play a key part in your wellness. What you eat does make a difference. Nutritional deficiencies can take years to manifest as a noticeable physical symptom. Often people with genetic weakness have lifestyle habits that make symptoms come on faster.  For example, it is common for people with a genetic pancreas weakness to crave sugar. Knowing which foods are actually beneficial to you and incorporating them regularly can lead to good health.

With your Iridology and Nutrition session you receive:

  • Comprehensive food and herbal guidelines based on your iris constitution
  • Lifestyle suggestions to support optimal health based on your iris constitution
  • Guidelines for staying healthy and robust


You will learn about your constitution, which traits you have inherited and how to best support your body through your comprehensive food and lifestyle plan. Your plan will provide ways to help you meet your goals with foods (for example weight loss, pain relief, increased energy level as well as guidelines for staying healthy or regaining health and vitality.

Samadhi is a certified Iridologist.

Call today to get your Iridology Analysis and receive your custom nutrition plan to eat right for your eye type.



Samadhi is great! We are vegan and wanted to make sure our baby was getting all the nutrients he needed. His pediatrician wanted him off of soy formula, so Samadhi made a diet plan that was soy free and vegan, and that the doctor was comfortable with. I’m so happy I consulted with her! Very nice lady, she worked fast, and for a very reasonable rate. She even told me some things about my son’s eyes and recommended a couple teas to give him I highly recommend her!” ~Jenna Wilkins



“Iridology is a fascinating tool and Samadhi is very skilled with it, and knowledgeable about nutrition. She is helping me to overcome insulin resistance to stave off diabetes. I thought I was eating healthily (no sugar or white flour for years!), but did not know my diet was actually adding to the problems I am genetically coded for! Samadhi also has lots of great tips on how to deal with digestive issues naturally (without medication). I am looking forward to reading her new book!” ~Carole Mayback



“As an iridologist, Samadhi was able to customize my nutritional needs specific to me and not a one size fits all diet as I have experienced with previous nutritionists.  It’s been over a month now and I can honestly say I feel better than I ever have.  It was insightful to learn what I’m predisposed to, which helps me to live a healthier lifestyle.  I highly recommend In Joy Healthcare for your nutritional needs.” ~ Diana Hester



“After almost 10 years of seeing various medical doctors and specialists for my chronic pain and fatigue, I decided to try a more holistic approach to my healthcare.  I had gotten worse in the last couple of months and was on the verge of either quitting my job or getting on heavy duty medications.  Then I came across Samadhi while researching iridology and holistic medicine.  I am so glad I found her!!!  She is so knowledgeable and caring, which was evident to me from the moment I called to schedule an appointment.  My first visit with Samadhi was about 1 week ago and I have felt so much better this past week than I have in 10 years!  I simply followed her detailed nutrition plan and have seen such an improvement in my energy levels and pain!  It was overwhelming at first to think about changing my diet, but it’s worth it to feel better and not have to take medications. Samadhi is the best!  Go see her…you won’t regret it!” ~ Jennie Gilman



“My husband and I came to see Artemisa due to the onset of some health problems, namely Type 2 diabetes and hyperlipidemia, and other minor ailments. We were looking for alternatives to western medical approaches. We’re both, 55 & 61, respectively, and we are “Tell me how and why,” people and she answered all of our questions thoroughly. More than that, she took the time to listen and to specifically address any concerns that I or my husband might have about our health history and diets. We learned how to manage our disorders with dietary changes and using supplements in ways where the benefits were explained. She spends ample time reviewing history and concerns to tailor to our specific needs.  We also did the iridology to check genetics so we know how to manage what we might be predisposed to preventatively. Her knowledge base is profound and she is a skilled educator. We were both highly impressed. She sets you at ease immediately and her aura is one of concern and compassion.” ~ Susan Nicholls



“I just had an appointment with Samadhi and she was right on the money with iridology.  I was so impressed with the things that she told me.  She gave me great information and insight to my diet and exercise.  I have begun to implement the things that she suggested, and last night for the first time in decades, I slept for 4 hours.  She is truly amazing.” ~ Reba Miller



“What can I say when the name says it all!  Truly an In Joy Healthcare visit from the moment you contact Samadhi to set up your appointment, the moment you leave her, and actually long after. Initial visit is an all-in-one sit down where you are actually heard and carefully given a wonderful list of choices going forth.  The combination of good will and genuine bedside manner fuels you to see the world in rose colored irises! It’s been under a week, and my body and mind are already reaping the rewards. Thank you for your gift!” ~ China Romano



“I am not interested in conventional and pharmaceutical healthcare, which is why I went to see Samadhi. I was having digestive and sleep problems. Samadhi suggested a nutrition and supplement plan to help alleviate and correct my issues. I followed her plan and it worked! She is very nice, helpful and knowledgeable and will definitely be a part of my holistic healthcare tool box.” ~ A. W.



“Why I *5 star* LOVE InJoy Healthcare!…

Three and a half months ago, two friends of mine mentioned the practice of Iridology and Samadhi. Having never heard of Iridology, my curiosity led me to know more. I went to see Samadhi Artemisa for Iridology and Nutrition. I received important personal information through the unique, in-depth Iridology session as well as a comprehensive, personal nutrition plan that has served in my health and Joyful well-being. 

Most importantly, I’m grateful for the way Samadhi listens to me, speaks to me, and her approach to healthcare. The name of her healthcare give us all an idea: ‘In Joy’! I feel that every time I speak with her and as I continue to practice the valuable insights gained from the Iridology and Nutrition sessions. I could write more, but I think the best way to know about someone is by meeting them…call, knock on her office door & see for yourself!!” ~ Natalie Saltmarsh



“An “Eye Opening” funny experience. In January 2012 I visited Samadhi for Iridology.  It was something I had never heard of before and a very interesting experience.  She explained to me the strengths and weaknesses of my genetic makeup – alerting me to which organs may be more vulnerable then others.  I never knew our eyes could tell so much about us.  She also included a very detailed list of foods that would be best for me as well as those to stay away from based on what we learned about the genetic makeup of my body.  I will be honest and tell you that when I first saw the list of recommendations, half of them not only had I not heard of, but I also thought it was a little weird and sounded yucky!  I continued to see Samadhi for massage and she would continue to encourage me to try her recommendations (i.e. catnip for calming and helping me sleep, cramp bark for menstrual cramps, a green smoothie made with kale, spinach and fruit, almond milk instead of cows milk etc… (just to name a few).  Well…..I finally gave in and started trying these things.  They worked!  My daughter has bad cramps which nothing helps…except cramp bark!  When I have trouble sleeping…catnip is awesome!  Everyday for about 6 months now I look forward to that “nasty looking and sounding” green smoothie!  I feel so much more alert when I have it.  My whole family drinks almond milk now.  

The funny thing is my sister-in-law was over not long ago and I was recommending that she go see Samadhi for acupuncture and massage.  I told her as well about Iridology but also warned her that she would recommend some really strange things. I had not gone over my list in a long time and as I went over it with her to show the crazy things, I sat silent for a minute trying to find what it was I thought was so crazy. They were all so normal to me now!  And my sister-in-law was familiar with much of it too!  I’ve come a long way!  And I feel great! Samadhi is very talented and knowledgeable.  She also has helped my posture so much from massage and acupuncture. She comes highly recommended.”   ~ Katie Lawless



“I was so impressed with Samadhi Artemisa and her iridology evaluation!  Years ago, I had my eye pictures taken on two separate occasions and general iridology recommendations were given to me verbally.  Samadhi’s evaluation and recommendations last May were so thorough and tailored just for me, based on my body systems.  She took the extra step to get good quality eye pictures.  Because I had trouble keeping my eyes open, she retook the pictures and even had someone hold my eyes open.

Her evaluation included recommendations for all different types of food including vegetables, fats and oils, grains, and more.  Not only did she make food recommendations, she included HOW to prepare my foods.  For example, I was scrambling and frying my eggs.  Samadhi’s recommendation was not to scramble or fry but instead to soft boil or poach them.  What a treasure of knowledge!

On top of all of this, I was so pleased with her professional and quiet confident manner.  She was so easy to talk to.  I highly recommend Samadhi Artemisa and her iridology services at In Joy Healthcare!”  ~I.W. Orlando, FL



“By the time I made my appointment with Artemisa, I had already tried 4 nutritionists, 2 iridologists, 6 dermatologists, and a few specialized doctors.  Traditional medicine gave me a temporary bandaid for my symptoms but nothing that would cure my acne long term (and more importantly, find the cause) and they were also unable to control my anxiety without affecting my personality.

Only a few months after following Samadhi’s recommendations and treatment, I was already seeing results with my skin and my anxiety. She really guided me throughout the whole process and was so helpful with my new diet and my new life. Other practitioners will overload with supplements however, Artemisa was very reasonable and it was never too much to handle.  In addition to being an incredibly knowledgeable, Artemisa is possibly the kindest person I have ever met.  The process was so emotional for me since I have struggled with anxiety and acne for almost 15 years. She was so understanding and its so apparent that she really wants to help people.  Almost 7 months later, I find myself with CLEAR SKIN without having to take any prescription drugs and my anxiety is getting better every day.  ”  ~M.D. Winter Park



“Every time I read through the nutrition plan you created for me I see something new. It is really thorough. Thank you for the awesome session!” ~N.S. Lake Mary, FL



“Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and for guiding me in the right direction towards better health.  Before seeing you, I was under the impression that I was eating healthy. Obviously, I couldn’t have been more wrong! My version of “eating well” was nothing compared to my diet now based on your recommendations.  I can’t tell you how GREAT my body feels.   I love steaming organic vegetables and eating them as pure as they come. I could honestly tell the difference on the rare occasions when I consumed dairy or gluten. Thank you thank you thank you!” ~M.D. Winter Park, FL



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